About Us

Who we Are, What We Stand For and a Brief History

North Country Behavioral Healthcare Network is a provider network in Northern New York committed to strengthening behavioral health services in the region. The Network is charged with keeping the membership informed and involved. It has led to the establishment of many exciting new relationships and opportunities for the region, and is certain to continue capturing the attention and resources needed to keep the North Country's behavioral healthcare system well positioned for a strong future.

Mission – North Country Behavioral Healthcare Network (NCBHN): connecting and supporting behavioral health and other human services providers to achieve excellence in service quality, best practices in administrative function, and innovation in program design and strategic alliances.

Values – NCBHN is committed to and accountable for achieving excellence through collaboration built on the mutual trust, respect and values of our partner organizations.

Vision – NCBHN is widely recognized as a leading voice for Northern New York's behavioral health system and as the foremost provider of resources for the furtherance of collaboration, advocacy, organizational best practices and service excellence.

Mental health and chemical dependency providers were first called together in January 1996 through the efforts of former St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center CEO, ARTHUR M. JOHNSON, S.A. Father Johnson's visionary leadership brought together providers from throughout a six-county region in Northern New York to discuss and assess the value of network formation. In light of the dynamic and ever changing atmosphere of healthcare delivery, it was agreed that cooperation and collaboration would be the only way for providers to survive and thrive. The Network incorporated in 1997 as Northern New York Rural Health Institute, (doing business as North Country Behavioral Healthcare Network), and continues today as a leading voice for Northern New York's behavioral healthcare continuum.

The Network receives funding from the New York State Office of Rural Health's "Rural Health Network Development" program. It also has twice been chosen (in '99 and '06) by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Office of Rural Health Policy to be recipient of a Rural Health Development grant.

2013-2014 Initiatives

The Network is facilitating a number of collaborative efforts to improve the quality of and access to behavioral healthcare services. These include:

  1. Regional Behavioral Health Alignment Project (RAP). This project is the Network's major initiative for FY 2013-14. We are currently under contract with SAE and Associates, NYC to assist our members with transition to patient-centered Medicaid managed care. This initiative will position our members to better collect, report on, and manage cost, quality, and outcome data to meet the needs of managed care organizations and evolving primary care networks. This initiative includes an important public policy education and advocacy component to ensure both providers and policy makers are aware of issues concerning the implementation of healthcare reform. A work group has been established to advance the planning process.
  2. Coordinating the North Country's effort to reduce and end homelessness. This initiative involves coordinating and facilitating two HUD Continua of Care coalitions covering five North Country counties and involves over 163 non-profit, county government, and advocacy stakeholder organizations.
  3. BL4 and BL5 Suicide Prevention Program. This is a New York State Senate supported initiative to provide funding through the County Directors of Community Services to non-profits or educational institutions engaged in suicide prevention efforts.
  4. Advancing the Commissioner's Prevention Agenda. NCBHN is advocating that North Country counties include at least one behavioral health objective within their public health prevention plans. State and local needs assessments support including behavioral health as a priority. NCBHN is making itself available to assist in achieving improvements in behavioral health prevention.

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